From small one-man-operation to established medium-sized company. It all started very small – in the in-house workshop. Here, Henry Senger manufactured the first tube bending for motorsport vehicles.



Henry Senger founded the Senger Rohrbiegerei which is specified on the bending and processing by pipes.


Production Hall Schwarzenbach

The first big production hall originates in Schwarzenbach, whose the machine park was expanded.


Further Halls

There follows the construction of another hall to adapt the production capacities continuously to the wishes of the customers.


3,500 square meters

Currently we offer approx. 3,500 square meters place for our wide manufacturing spectrum.

Today more than 90 well qualified employees work on the company headquarters in Schwarzenbach, Bavaria. Besides the cold bending of pipes and profiles we take over as an external service provider for vehicle industry and investment construction also welding works and surface treatments. For it we process brass, copper, steel, high-grade steel, aluminium and plastic with outside pipe diameters of 3 mm to 180 mm.